Port Everglades and Port Dania

Port Everglades

Aerial view Port Everglades

Port Everglades is a deepwater port on the southeast coast of Florida.  Many of the world's largest passenger ships call at this major cruise port.  It is also one of the largest petroleum ports in the southeast United States, having the second largest non-refinery petroleum storage capability in the country.  Also, with the deepest entrance channel in Florida, it makes Port Everglades accessible to all but the very deepest draft vessels.  While the port is relatively compact in overall size compared to other large commercial ports, when the channel to the smaller Port Dania is included, it has almost five miles of navigable water.  The entrance channel, cut through solid rock, is nearly two miles long from the sea buoy to the main turning basin.

State licensed pilot service began at Port Everglades in 1931.  By the end of World War II, there were more than 800 arriving ships per year.  During the post war boom south Florida, as well as Port Everglades, experienced an unprecedented growth in the maritime trades.  In 2016, the number of arrivals at Port Everglades and it's smaller sister port, Port Dania, was more than 4000 ships.

All facilities at Port Everglades are owned and operated by the Port Everglades Department, under authority of the Broward County Board of County Commissioners.  The Port Director has operational and administrative responsibility over all seaport functions.  

Harbor regulations at Port Everglades are established by the Port Everglades Department of Broward County.  The Harbormaster is responsible for enforcing port regulations.  Prior to getting underway or entering port waters all vessels must notify the Harbormaster, who may be contacted on VHF Channel 14.  In addition all arriving vessels must notify the USCG in advance.  Specific requirements of the USCG may be found on their website.

Critical areas of manatee concentrations occur within and near Port Everglades.  Consequently, there are regulated speed zones marked by large reflective signs in various areas throughout the port.  In these zones, boat operators must reduce their speed to "slow" or "idle".

Ship's schedules and additional information about the port can be found on the Port Everglades web site.


Port Dania

Aerial view of Port Dania

Another port serviced by the Port Everglades Pilots Association, Port Dania is a smaller port handling light draft vessels which primarily run in the Bahamas and Caribbean trade.  This port is accessed via the Port Everglades main ship channel then through the relatively shallow Dania Cut-Off Canal at the extreme southern edge of Port Everglades.  

All facilities at Port Dania are privately owned and operated by G & G Shipping.