Anchorage - the center is located approximately two and one half miles northeast of the entrance to Port Everglades, in an area bounded by a line connecting points with the following North American Datum 83 coordinates:

26-08'26.934" N 080-04'28.240" W
26-08'08.560" N 080-04'16.158" W
26-07'56.000" N 080-04'17.486" W
26-07'56.000" N 080-04'42.623" W
26-07'19.500" N 080-04'53.153" W
26-07'19.500" N 080-04'28.800" W
26-06'35.160" N 080-04'28.800" W
26-06'35.160" N 080-04'38.694" W
26-08'26.934" N 080-04'28.240" W


Note: Upon arriving at the anchorage, vessels are to notice their position and time of anchoring to the Port Everglades Harbormaster on VHF channel 14.

The anchorage is close proximity to the three reef system that runs along the entire coast of south Florida. Recent soundings of the anchorage indicate depths of 100 feet along the western edge sloping down to 200 feet in an easterly direction for approximately 0.4 mile. The holding ground consists of sand, mud, and coral rubble that is inadequate during adverse weather. Several recent groundings have demonstrated that there is very little time to respond to a dragging anchor before coming into contact with the inshore reefs. Violent and unpredictable winds in excess of 50 knots may be associated with local thunderstorm activity.



Upon the approach of thunderstorms from any direction or in sustained winds of 25 to 30 knots from the NNE through SSE, all vessels are strongly advised to have engines on standby and be prepared to vacate the anchorage. It is highly recommended that vessels leave the anchorage and head to sea when sustained winds in excess of 30 knots are blowing from the NNE through SSE. A proper anchor watch is vitally important with the vessel's position checked frequently and VHF channels 16 and 14 monitored continuously. Although not mandatory, pilotage to the anchorages is available upon request and is recommended for vessels not having the anchorages on an appropriate chart and for masters unfamiliar with the area.