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January 2, 2011

Several club members attended the car show at the Broward Mall, benefiting the Kiwanis Club.  Three members walked away with trophies.  All together we had eight cars from the club in attendance, ranging from a 1965 all the way up to a 2010.  The day was a pleasant one with good weather for sitting outside, plus the shoppers amongst us got to spend some quality time shopping inside Broward Mall while the show was going on.

October 2rd, 2010
FLMC's Annual Charity Benefit Car Show

Our charity benefit Open Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show was held at Maroone Ford in Fort Lauderdale.  We had great participation with many different styles and models of vehicles making an appearance, even movie cars.  There were also many spectators, way more than we expected.  Mini buses from several area hotels stopped by.  Next year we will make available more spectator parking.  Sheriff Lamberti and Governor Christ also made an appearance.  There was also television coverage of the event.

This was the club's first open car show in many years.  We hope everyone had a fun time.   There was lots of food available and the crowd just about cleaned out the BBQ grill.  Those junior car enthusiasts seemed to once again enjoy the bounce house and seeing all the BSO SWAT Team equipment, not to mention getting their faces painted.

Best of all, the club managed to raise $3000.00 for the Children's Diagnostic and Treatment Center.  Additionally, Autonation donated a matching $3000.00 for a grand total of $6000.00 for needy children.  A heartfelt thanks for all participants.

Matanzas Getaway Weekend

June 2010

 A great time was had by all as the Ft. Lauderdale Mustang Club celebrated Father’s Day with our weekend getaway at Matanzas Inn on Ft. Myers Beach!  A little bit of rain doesn’t stop us from having fun, so on Friday evening the group convened at Matanzas Restaurant for dinner.  Soon the rain stopped and out came a double rainbow, spreading across the back bay.  What a beautiful site!  The group took a walk “up town” Friday night, stopping in at the Pierside Grill for libations while enjoying the sound of the ocean.  Saturday morning Captains George, Dallas, and John set off to Salty Sam’s Marina to pick up our rental boats.  We should have known there would be trouble!  Shortly after leaving the dock to pick up the group at Matanzas, George was pulled over by the coast guard, and was escorted back to Salty Sam’s.  After getting the boat up to standard with proper flares and a working fire extinguisher, George was a free man again.  Victor and his son Christopher had their jet ski in the water and waiting for our flotilla to head to Sanibel Island.  A good time was had by all riding the jet ski and raft, finding shells and playing in the water.  Too soon it was time to head back, but Alas, Captain George’s boat would not start.  After much coaxing (and some muttered name calling) the tired old engine came to life.  Unfortunately our luck ran out, about 50 feet from the Matanzas dock, where the boat petered out all together.  She had to be towed back to Salty Sam’s.  On the bright side, we were not charged for the belligerent boat (for the inconvenience factor).

 The club had a BBQ by the pool; hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, corn on the cob, watermelon and baked beans!  Yummy!  Marilou even treated us to Smores!  George must have been a boy scout – he definitely had the best technique for roasting the marshmallows!

Saturday night we all waked up town again to watch the sun set.  After watching a magic show and a stop at the Dairy Queen we all headed back for “story telling” at the Matanzas Inn.  Another great Mustang Club getaway! 


John:  “I’ll roll my corn in the butter if I want to!”

October 3rd, 2009

All Ford Car Show at Maroone Fort of Fort Lauderdale

Over 100 fantastic show cars were on display.  Once again we had a excellent variety of Ford Mustangs and many other Ford or Ford-powered cars.  There was a very good variety of high performance late model Mustangs from Steeda, Roush and Shelby.  Many thanks to the different clubs that brought out their cars.  A special thanks to East Coast Street Stangs who showed up with 11 'stangs.  We also had many early generation Mustangs and a few Lincolns and Mercury's. 

The BSO SWAT team brought out their impressive SWAT vehicle, which was open to the public for viewing.  They also performed children finger-printing.  The BSO helicopter did a few low-level "buzzes".  Sheriff Al Lamberti even made a tour of the show.

The Ford-provided bounce house proved to be a popular side attraction for those young future car aficionado's.

The extensive raffle and silent auction appeared to be a crowd pleaser.

And as always, the show crowd had the opportunity to tour Ford's showroom where they had the newest cars and trucks on display.

BEST OF ALL - the club managed to raise $2000 for our charity, Camp Bogey Creek, a retreat for sick and disabled children.  BUT THAT'S NOT ALL - Autonation matched our contribution with another $2000!!!  $4000 for a very worthwhile charity - you car lovers out there should be proud!!

The club hopes the event proved to be more enjoyable and professional than ever.  If you have any questions or comments to help us improve future shows, particularly regarding judging, please feel free to leave us a message.  Click here to send us an email.

April 4, 2009

All Ford Car Show at Maroone Ford of Fort Lauderdale.

Over 70 spectacular high quality show cars on display.  Many different Mustangs ranging from a pristine 64 1/2 convertible to late model Steeda's with everything in between, including a couple of GT500KR's and a Boss 429. 

The Xtreme Dynochallenge was up and running and was a big hit.   It was a great chance to see how your toy performs.

Multiple awards given by our panel of judges.   Many different venders on site as well.

And of by Rock "N" Rich.


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